Hello 👋, I am Martin Roček and you can reach me as silence.sys at google.com. I am based in Prague, but as I love travelling I have spent some time abroad in many different countries.

I’m a student of history with a focus on the Middle Ages in Europe. I also have many interests on the side which sometimes took over my life and became my primary focus. One of them is programming in PHP and developing web applications with the use of javascript, css and html. I also like designing the UI of apps and thus I spend quite a lot of time in Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator and XD.

As much as I enjoy working on my computer, I really appreciate my time spent without it too. I love drawing things that surround me or just pop in my head. These are often linked with another of my interests - fantasy worlds. When I need some time off there is no better place than fantasy worlds, wheteher that’s books, games or movies. I fell in love with Arda, the world that J.R.R. Tolkien created, and which inspired most fantasy worlds since then. I am also enjoying the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Umberto Eco, Franz Kafka, Alfred Kubin and J.K. Rowling (in no particular order). My favourites movies are often based on the literature I have read like the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Among other films I’ve really enjoyed are things like John Wick (quite recently) and the Illusionist, Star Wars, Jurassic World (because who doesn’t like dinosaurs? 🦖).

Linked with my drawing pasttime is the enjoyment I find in traditional artists like the already mentioned Alfred Kubin, Gustav Klimt, Jean Delville, Felicien Rops, Alphonse Mucha and many others who inspire my drawings. My favourite music genres vary from rock to soundtracks, but if I should choose two of my faourite bands it would be Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Academic and professional credentials

Current position

I am an MA student of history at Faculty of Arts, Charles University writing my thesis about monsters in the imagination of medieval people on the British Isles.

BA thesis

I wrote my bachelor thesis on the dispute over Catholic and Protestant notions of purgatory in the 16th Century. During my BA, I realised that the Early Modern Era isn’t that interesting to me and I decided to focus on the Middle Ages.

Projects I am (was) involved in


  • Developer of the appliation for evaluation of teaching at Faculty of Arts, Charles University website most of the functionality is available only to faculty users
  • Still developing modernised version of Bosworth-Toller’s Anglo-Saxon dictionary

2018 and previous years

Various not so serious projects